Thursday, 28 July 2011

Privy Council Muzzles Canadian Scientist

Just released on Marketwire! It's crazy!

Privy Council Muzzles Canadian Scientist

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  1. Thanks for sharing Doug....the sea lice are a living hell for little wild salmon out here who get infested when they hang about the fish farms for loose bits of food that escape the nets....but now even worse it looks like there's a deadly fish virus and it's pointing to as emanating from salmon farms....and now our government is muzzling Dr. Kristi Miller, a scientist who may have the answers, but when our government is funding and making sooo much money from salmon farms, their actions have provent that they really don't care about the impact to an entire eco system here in BC....please support this by saying no to farmed salmon in your stores and restaurants until the filthy farms are put on land...