Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wild salmon need our help!

Check out what some of my friends are doing out west to preserve the integrity of our wild salmon.

A little bit of background information!

Wherever salmon feedlots operate worldwide they kill wild salmon, because they break the natural laws that control disease. This 92% Norwegian-owned industry uses the BC coast as a dumpsite, spreading devastating disesase and parasites to the wild environment. These companies are driven by shareholder obligation to grow relentlessly and will never be satisfied, removing more food from the ocean than they make and rapidly mechanizing to reduce jobs. 
We can no longer accept this business as reasonable. They just need to Get Out of our Ocean.

Source: (Voices for Wild Salmon)

The reality is this: If we don't change the way we farm salmon today there may be no wild salmon tomorrow.  My Thoughts, prayers and energy are in support of your cause.

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